Privacy Policy

Main Questions and Answers
Thank you customers for visiting this website. We expect customers to learn more about Galderma and our products.

Galderma respects the privacy of customers on the Internet, especially when customers use our website and contact us online. Therefore, we have created this Privacy Policy to inform customers of how Galderma Pharma (hereinafter referred to as "Galderma", "we" or "our") collects, stores, uses and processes customers via any Galderma-operated website (hereinafter referred to as the "Site") personal data provided to us, including the website that the customer is currently browsing.

By using this website, the customer has accepted the operating practices described in this Privacy Policy. If the customer does not agree to this Privacy Policy, please do not use this website. We reserve the right to change this Privacy Policy at any time. Any changes will be posted in this Privacy Policy, and material changes will generally only apply to information and activities that are collected on an ongoing basis. We encourage customers to review this Privacy Policy from time to time to ensure that customers are aware of any changes and how personal data will be used. This Privacy Policy also applies to the personal data that customers provide to us through any other form of physical activity (for example: filling out an application form to join any of our memberships, or registering for special offers or promotions using the registration form on an advertising leaflet, etc.), This Privacy Policy will also be interpreted and implemented accordingly. By providing personal data to us, customers agree to this Privacy Policy and the collection, use, transfer, storage and processing of customers' personal data as detailed in this Privacy Policy.

We hereby inform our customers that "Galderma Pharma" will be the "Data Monitor" for the personal data provided to Galderma by customers. If customers have any requests for your personal data, or have any questions about this Privacy Policy, please feel free to contact us.

Minor Privacy Policy

If the customer is a parent or legal guardian, please refer to Section 11 below for our policy on the collection and use of personal data from minors under the age of 18.

1. What personal data do we collect from customers and how?

We do not ask customers to provide any personal information if they only browse the Galderma website. However, we may ask customers to provide certain personal information if they want to participate in the various functions and services provided by our website. "Personal data" (within the scope of this Privacy Policy) generally refers to any information that can be used to identify a customer or contact a customer online or otherwise, including, for example, the customer's name, mailing address, e-mail, telephone number ( "Identifiable Personal Data"), and when linked to "Identifiable Personal Data", data for demographic purposes such as the customer's date of birth, age, gender, preferences or preferences (hereinafter collectively referred to as "Personal Data"). Personal data can only be collected with the consent of the customer (i.e. personal data provided with the customer's knowledge through various web forms available on our website), generally in the following ways:

register or register on the Galderma website ("General Website Registration");

Subscriptions and newsletters specifically for events, products or websites (not included in "General Website Registration" newsletters);

Rewards, contests or other promotions;

questionnaires and polls;

message boards and other interactive activities;

buy Galderma products through our online store;

Electronic cards, notifications to friends or other one-time functions;

Feedback, questions or comments through the "Contact Us" or "Ask an Expert" form;

Materials submitted in a business capacity (such as resumes, media inquiries, etc.);

Online job search (e.g. submitting a client’s resume to apply for Galderma jobs);

register a friend to participate in an event on a particular product; or

Any other requests that require the submission of personal data (e.g. customer groups, product requirements, "where to buy", etc.).

Note: Depending on the Galderma website the customer is viewing, some or more of the activities listed above may not be available. The type and amount of information to be collected for the above activities will depend on the relevant activities. The personal data we request may include: name, email address, address, telephone number (office or home), and credit card information (for those who shop online). Customers may be asked to set up a username and/or password and/or provide additional demographic information during certain events, including (i) customer's age or date of birth; (ii) gender; (iii) usage, shopping and the frequency of consumption of certain Galderma products and/or similar products; (iv) the actual situation of the customer's home or living habits; and/or (v) other information about the Galderma products the customer has purchased or the specific website the customer is visiting .

2. How do we protect the security of our customers' personal data?

Galderma takes all necessary technical and architectural measures to protect the confidentiality and security of customers' personal data collected from our website, including sensitive personal data and personal data of minors under the age of 18. These measures include, but are not limited to: (i) storing customer personal data in a secure operating environment that is not available to the public, and only accessible to authorized Galderma employees, our agents and contractors; and (ii) ) can only access the personal data held by us after confirming the identity of the registered user of the website. Please also refer to Section 4 below.

3. What is the purpose of our use of customers' personal data?

In general, all collected information will be used in accordance with the purpose for which the customer submits the information to us; or as stated at the time of collection; or for the purposes specified in this Privacy Policy. For example: when a customer registers or registers on a Galderma website ("General Website Registration"), the information submitted by the customer will be used to provide the customer with general registration-related benefits, which may include: browsing or using exclusive access to Galderma's website or personalize content or activities (such as message boards, upload functions, etc.); attend special events or participate in special promotions (contests, rewards, gift certificates, etc.); Promotional information. Of course, any credit card information provided by the customer will only be used to complete and process the customer's online purchases. When registering or providing information on Galderma's website, customers may also be required to choose (by ticking a box or otherwise) whether or not they would like personal data to be used for an activity or service other than the one the customer is requesting. For example, if a customer registers to participate in a contest or other promotion, the customer may also subscribe to an e-newsletter or newsletter from the promotion-providing website, other websites or Galderma products. If the customer chooses to receive these additional services, we will use the customer's information to provide those services. We may also use customers' personal and/or demographic information for our internal market or demographic surveys to ensure that we can continuously improve, personalize and tailor the products and services we provide to our customers to better suit their needs. Accordingly, we may occasionally integrate, update or otherwise optimize the personal data we collect on Galderma's website with data we obtain from external records or third parties. Generally speaking, we will continue to hold the personal data of the customer as long as the customer's account is still active, or as necessary to provide the service requested by the customer. Of course, if the customer requests that we no longer use the customer's personal information to provide services (for example: refusing to receive e-mails), or intends to cancel the customer's membership or account, please feel free to contact us. Please note: Customer personal data will be retained for a reasonable period of time and as necessary to comply with our legal and regulatory responsibilities, resolve disputes, enforce our agreements and manage similar records. The following is additional information for certain services within the Galderma website for reference:

•  Newsletter and Email l

If a customer provides us with an e-mail address and/or residential address (whether as part of a "general website registration" or for a specific newsletter or newsletter), the contact information provided by the customer will be used to deliver the requested newsletter to the customer, communication or paperwork. In addition, customers may receive communications introducing customers to other Galderma brands or websites. Such information may be sent by regular mail or e-mail, depending on the website the customer is registered with and the information provided by the customer at the time of registration. We may also use the customer's e-mail to send transactional or administrative communications to customers (for example, when a customer confirms an e-mail after shopping online, or when a customer registers or unsubscribes from a particular registration program or event), and Certain service-related announcements (for example, notices about updates to our privacy policy, discontinuation of services on our website or computer programs, changes to network services or technical support policies, or other related changes, etc.). Communications in this category are collectively referred to as "Administrative Communications" under this Privacy Policy.

•  Rewards, Contests and Promotions

To participate in online rewards, contests and promotions (hereinafter referred to as "Promotions"), customers may be required to first register on the Galderma website. Information collected as part of promotional activities will be used to consider customers' eligibility, notify customers if they are winners, and/or send out prizes. If a customer is a winner, certain information about the customer (such as the customer's name and picture) may be posted on the relevant Galderma website. If minors under the age of 18 are permitted to participate in this promotion, we will first obtain parental consent if requested. For more information on promotions, please refer to the official rules and conditions published with the specific promotion.

•  Market research and polling

There are two types of market research and polls conducted on the Galderma website. One is to simply request demographic and market research information (eg age, gender, family status and other preferences, etc.), and the information will not be linked to any personal information of the customer. In another situation (such as during account registration), we may collect the same data and combine it with the customer's personal data. If minors under the age of 18 are permitted to participate in market research or polls, and to collect or associate personal data, we will first obtain identifiable parental consent.

•  Message boards and other interactive features

We may provide interactive features that enable customers to post or post messages, stories, pictures or drawings on our website. While we are committed to protecting all those who use and participate in these activities, we encourage customers to consider carefully distributing personal information or photos about customers in public areas, such as message boards or other platforms with online community functions. Such information may be collected and used by persons unknown to the customer. Therefore, we cannot guarantee and accept no responsibility for the security and privacy of any material posted by our customers in such public areas. Use of these features is at the customer's own risk. Please feel free to contact us if a customer requests removal of a customer's personal data from our blogs or online community forums. In some cases, we may not be able to remove a customer's personal data and we will notify the customer and why. Please note: If we choose to post an image or text message that you provide to us on these features, we may post certain information about the customer, such as a username, partial name or initials, along with the image or text message , and/or city or country of residence .

•  Buy Galderma products online

Some of our websites may allow customers to purchase Galderma products through online stores operated by us or by distributors on our behalf ("Galderma Online Stores"). Some of our websites may also provide links to other non-affiliated companies (hereinafter collectively referred to as "Third Parties") that are not directly or indirectly controlled by Galderma but which sell Galderma products. If customers shop through Galderma Online Store, customers will be asked to provide credit card information, including credit card number, payment address and shipping address, and other basic contact information (eg: phone number, email). Such information is used to confirm customer orders and complete shopping transactions. If a customer browses an online store operated by a third party, in order to facilitate the customer to purchase products, we will provide a direct link to the third-party online store. However, please note that these sites are not operated by us and are therefore not covered by this Privacy Policy. We strictly select our partners who sell Galderma products online, and only work with online sellers who (like us) use industry-standard encryption procedures to collect and process site orders, thereby avoiding customers' personal data (such as credit card numbers) ) by unauthorized electronic reading. We encourage customers to read the privacy policy of the online store they are visiting before sharing any personal information (such as a customer's credit card number).

• E -cards, notifications to friends or other one-time use items 

Personal data (usually name and e-mail) required for e-cards, notification of friends or other one-time use functions are used on a one-time basis (for example, to send relevant communications), and we will not continue to retain them. If this category of functions is provided to minors under the age of 18, its design will require prior parental consent.

•  Business related information

Please note that certain areas of our website may allow customers to submit information about customers, or companies to which they belong, in a business capacity. These areas may include a careers webpage where customers can submit resumes or apply for jobs online; or on another webpage; or a contact form for media enquiries and requests. Although any personal data collected hereunder is used only for its original purpose (for example, a resume is used only in the job application process), such data is not governed by the terms of this Privacy Policy.

As with other websites, this information will be used for the purposes specified at the time of collection, namely, to transmit relevant health information to registered users, and to provide members-only privileges and access to tools. Certain tools within these information sites may allow customers to enter and display certain health information or patient information within the site. Such information is for online reference only and is not concurrently collected or held by us unless otherwise instructed.

4. What happens if the customer is unwilling to provide personal information?

If a customer chooses not to submit any personal information, the customer may not be able to participate in certain activities and personalization settings within our website, and may limit the services and special offers we can provide to the customer. For example, if a customer refuses to provide an e-mail address, the customer may not be able to receive any of our e-newsletters or register on our website. If a customer refuses to provide a credit card number, the customer may not be able to purchase products in the Galderma Online Store. Customers do not need to give any personal information if they only browse our website and learn more about our products.

5. Who and why do we disclose personal data of customers?

Galderma will never share customers' personal data with any third party for direct marketing purposes, unless we have specifically notified the customer and obtained the customer's specific consent. Galderma may share customers' personal data with its affiliates, companies directly or indirectly controlled by Galderma (hereinafter collectively referred to as the "Galderma Group"). Galderma may also share customers' personal data with third parties, but only in the following cases: Service providers, agents and contractors We will engage third parties such as service providers, agents and contractors to support the operation of our website To operate internally and to assist us in administering the website and its various features, programs or promotions. Some third parties may be located in countries other than the website you are viewing. These third parties and their employees may have access to customers' personal data when they provide services to us. Any such third party must, at all times, provide the same level of security measures as Galderma at all times, and (where required) be subject to legal agreements to ensure that the customer's personal data is kept confidential, Safely and only in accordance with Galderma's specific instructions. Partners and Co-promotions We may from time to time co-organise or co-sponsor events or promotions with other companies, organisations or reputable third parties. As part of this activity, we collect and process personal data. If a customer's personal data is collected (or shared) by a company other than Galderma, we will notify the customer when the customer's personal data is collected. We may periodically display promotions for other companies' products or services on our website and offer customers the option to receive information directly from such third-party companies. If such promotional activities are provided to minors under the age of 18, we will obtain the identifiable consent of their parents in advance before sharing the minors' personal data. When hosting any promotions involving other companies, we may provide a separate link to that company's privacy policy, we encourage customers to read it before sharing any personal information, as we cannot guarantee that the company will apply the same privacy rights Operational practices and measures. If customers do not wish to collect or share their personal data with companies other than Galderma, customers may choose not to receive information or participate in activities when personal data is collected or requested. Legal and commercial transfer If required by law, or we must take reasonable action based on good faith judgment, to comply with legal process, to respond to any claims, or to protect the safety or rights of Galderma, its customers, or the public, etc. , we may disclose the personal data of customers. In the event of a merger or acquisition of all or a portion of Galderma's business with another company, or if Galderma sells or disposes of all or a portion of its business, the acquiring party will be entitled, subject to applicable law, to data (including personal data). Likewise, the transfer of personal data may be part of the process of corporate reorganization, liquidation proceedings, or other similar matters permitted and processed by applicable law. Aggregate Data We may share aggregated demographic or market research data with third parties, but such data is shared anonymously and does not contain any personal data. The aggregate information we share may include anonymous information collected through the use of cookies (cookies) or other similar data recording technologies, as detailed in Section 8 below.

6. How can customers access, change or make other choices about how their personal data is used?

The following briefly outlines the choices customers have regarding our collection and use of customers' personal data.

Customers have the right to opt out of sharing their personal data with us at any time. However, if the customer makes this choice, it may limit the activities and functions that we can provide to the customer, as described in clause 4 above.

If customers do not wish to receive newsletters, announcements, or other communications and/or services from the Galderma website or brand, please do not opt-in to receive such communications or services upon registration. If a customer has previously opted in but then wishes to decline, please do not hesitate to contact us.

With each promotional email we send to our customers, we offer customers the opportunity to opt out of future promotional communications (ie opt out of emails). Customers simply follow the opt-out email procedure and instructions in the email.

Customers can view or update the personal data we collect from customers when registering on the general website at any time. Customers just need to contact us anytime.

If any of the above channels are not provided or the customer intends to make a different request, please contact us at any time. In addition, if a customer is involved in a promotion or program that involves a third party, and the customer agrees to receive future communications directly from that third party as part of that promotion, the customer needs to contact that third party directly to opt out of receiving such communications. The procedures may be briefly described in that third party's privacy policy.

7. The country to which the customer's personal data will be transferred and why?

Galderma is a global company, so customers' personal data may be transferred across borders, and may also be transferred to countries with different levels of privacy laws than the countries and regions where customers originally submitted personal data. Customers' personal data may also be transferred to different companies within Galderma located in different countries. Galderma will take appropriate measures to protect the security of personal data during the data transfer process and in the receiving area.

8. Data logging technology – how and why?

Galderma uses data logging technologies (Cookies, "IP Address", "Log Files", "Web Beacons", ) to collect certain information such as browser type and Operating system, imported pages, routes to the website, domain names of network service providers, etc., to improve the use and functionality of our website, and to better understand how visitors use our website, the tools and services it offers. Data logging technology helps us to tailor our website to suit our customers' needs. We use cookies to improve the use and functionality of our website and to better understand how visitors use our website, the tools and services we offer. Cookies stored on customers' computers make it easier and simpler for us to provide customers with a personalised and optimised website browsing experience and to make their next visit more enjoyable. If customers want to know more about Galderma's cookie policy and customer rights, please visit Galderma Cookie Policy. IP Addresses We may record Internet Protocol (IP) addresses to (among other purposes): (i) troubleshoot technical problems; (ii) maintain website security and confidentiality; (iii) restrict certain Visitors use our website; (iv) learn more about how our website is used. An IP address is a number used by computers on the Internet to identify a customer's computer each time they log on to a website. Log Files We (or third parties on our behalf) may collect information in the form of log files to record activity on the website and to collect statistics on the browsing habits of web users. These records are generated anonymously and help us collect (amongst other purposes) (i) the user's browser type and operating system; (ii) the user's use of the website during a certain period of time (for example, the URL before entering the website) , date and time of browsing the website, pages viewed and duration of stay); and (iii) other similar navigation and click flow data. We will also use the information collected in the log files for internal marketing and demographic research purposes, so that we can continuously improve and develop the online services we provide to our customers. Log files are for internal use only and are not associated with any particular user. Web Beacons We may use web beacons (or clear GIFs) within our website file), or included in the emails we send to customers. Web beacons (also commonly known as "web bugs") are small sets of source code that provide a means of transmitting images on web pages or within e-mail messages in order to transmit data back to us. Information collected by web beacons may include some of the information described in the IP address section above, and how users respond to an email's activity (eg, when the email was opened, where the email was linked to Wait). We use web beacons for various purposes, including but not limited to website traffic reporting, counting unique visitors, advertising and email auditing and reporting, and personalization.

9. E-commerce – What is spam and where do we stand with regard to spam?

Spamming is the practice of sending unsolicited emails containing advertising or marketing-related material to customers without their consent. We do not spam emails. We use filtering software tools to protect our employees from spamming. Sending emails without consent is illegal in many countries. We will not use customer personal data (including customer e-mail) for direct marketing or follow-up communications unless the customer has given us express consent. This method is called "consent to receive messages". In addition, we will not share customers' personal data with any third parties who wish to use them for spamming purposes. The Galderma website offers customers the option to receive marketing materials by email. Every email from Galderma gives customers the option to stop receiving marketing emails at any time. If for any reason customers believe they have received spam emails from Galderma, please feel free to contact us.

10. How long do we hold the personal data of our customers?

We may store personal data that customers send us through this website in databases, such as our customer service database. Customers' personal data will be held by Galderma for a period of time reasonably necessary to take into account our need to respond to inquiries or solve problems, provide improved and new services, or comply with statutory requirements under applicable law. Therefore, we may hold the customer's personal data for a reasonable period of time after the customer stops using the Galderma service or stops using the website. When this time period expires, the customer's personal data will be deleted from all Galderma systems. Customers are reminded that we have the right to delete customers' personal data at any time. See question 6. 

11. W 's policy on collecting personal data from minors using our website?

We recognize the importance of protecting the privacy of minors online and the need for special processing of data collected from minors under the age of 18. Therefore, we have formulated the following policy regarding the online collection, use and disclosure of personal data of minors. We advise parents to browse our website with their minors and advise parents to remind their children that they must check with their parents before providing any personal data. Most websites operated by Galderma, Inc. are not directed to minors and do not knowingly request or collect personal data from minors under the age of 18. For some of our websites that may appeal to people of all ages, we may take steps to ensure that persons wishing to register or submit personal data have reached a certain age limit. The following details our operating practices with respect to a small number of websites that may have a strong appeal to minors under the age of 18, or may collect information about them. Collection of information from minors Anonymous or non-personal information Minors can generally browse our website, read content, and participate in games without providing any personal information such as name or email address. Some websites may require minors to provide anonymous or non-personal information (for example: username, password, last name, city or country) to gain access to personalized features, or to allow minors to record game best scores, store preferences, Website personalization, or other similar activities. When only anonymous information is required during the registration process, we may allow minors to use their date of birth (limited to month and day) as their login password, which can help them easily remember their passwords. personal information If the website needs to collect personal data of minors (for example: certain e-newsletters, contests, prizes or other similar activities), in addition to technical or other information required to provide the required functions and services (for example: birth month and date for birthday cards), the personal data we collect may include the name and email address of the minor, and the name and email address of his or her parents. In general, such information will only be stored and continued to be used after we have obtained the prior identifiable consent of a parent or legal guardian (hereinafter collectively referred to as "Parent"). The method of obtaining parental consent may vary depending on the type of data required for the campaign and the purpose for which it is intended to be used. For example, if a minor subscribes to a newsletter or registers for a feature on the website, we may send an email to notify parents and, depending on the feature, tell parents how to discontinue their child's participation in the activity or provide authorised consent. We may confirm via email at a later time if the parent provides the required authorization. If the parent refuses or chooses not to authorize the child to participate in the activity or registration, any information that the minor may have submitted will be deleted. In other cases, such as when minors participate in: (i) contests and win prizes; (ii) activities that may publish minors' personal data or stories on the website, we may ask for more specific consent, Such as parental written consent. In addition, where applicable, parents will give consent to our collection and use of personal data of minors, but do not constitute consent to the disclosure of such personal data to third parties. In all cases, we will only collect personal data from minors with parental consent. We will also only collect necessary and reasonable personal data, so that minors can participate in a special function, which means that if we do not need a specific personal data of the customer's minor (for example: telephone number) ) to allow minors to register or receive newsletters, we will not make a request. For information on the measures we take to protect the confidentiality and security of minors' personal data, please refer to the section on security above. We will not use passive data collection technologies (such as cookies) to collect any personal data of minors; however, the information in cookies may be linked to personal data of minors. For information on how we use cookies and other data recording technologies, please see the relevant section above. Use of personal data of minors Once the personal data of minors are collected, they will only be used in accordance with their original purpose of collection and the purpose for which their parents have agreed (where consent is required). For example: if a minor registers (with parental authorization and consent) to subscribe to an e-newsletter or bulletin, the minor's e-mail address will be used to send the requested information. Parental Access/Control If the customer has given us permission to collect and store the personal data of the customer's children, the customer may at any time:

Access the personal data of the customer's children by viewing the appropriate authorization/access page. We will provide a link to this web page in the notice we send to the customer after we originally asked for the customer's consent.

Request to stop using or collecting personal data of customers' children (eg opt-out of messages). Customers may visit the opt-out message page provided on the website where the customer's child is registered, or make a request in accordance with the opt-out procedure or instructions described in the newsletter or e-mail sent to the customer's child's e-mail address.

Following the procedure in point 2 above, the customer may request that we delete the personal data of the customer's children. Opposing messages for the children of customers will delete their personal data from our records.

If the above does not provide any suitable option for the customer or the customer intends to make a different request, please: (i) review the documents we provide when the customer gives consent; or (ii) please feel free to contact us. Please ensure that the customer has the following documents for verification purposes: the customer's child's name and email address, the customer's name and email address, and the website name registered by the customer's child. If the customer allows the customer's children to register on a website or participate in other website activities provided to minors under the age of 18, the customer's children may also have the right to access, modify, or delete their personal data related to such registration or activities, That is, minors of customers may have the right to refuse to receive messages from certain functions that customers have agreed to.

12. Do we link to other third-party websites?

We may link this website to the websites of other companies or organizations (hereinafter collectively referred to as "Third Party Sites"). Because third-party websites are not under our control, this Privacy Policy does not apply to those websites. If customers use the links provided to browse third-party websites, the operators of those websites may collect personal data from customers. Please ensure that customers are satisfied with the site's privacy policy before submitting any personal data. We will endeavour to ensure that all linked third-party websites have the same measures to protect customers' personal data, but we are not legally or legally responsible for the activities of such third-party websites, their privacy policies, or the extent to which they comply with privacy rights. any liability.

(This Chinese legal statement is a translation of the English version. If there is any conflict or inconsistency between the Chinese and English versions, the English version shall prevail.)